Let there be light

One of my drivers to try to master techniques and arts is the role they played in the development of human society. Things that meant a step forward. Light is one of those things. It meant that you could do crafts when the sun went down, longer productive days

So. what do you make? right. Beeswax candles


I’ve got this thing with cups. Functionality, feel, size and look all come together while creating them. The marriage between functional ware and beauty.

This one made the grade I guess

Quite a process

pottery is quite a process… different activities, stages , planning and most of all a lot of patience. waiting for pots to dry, waiting for enough pots to fill a kiln, waiting for the kiln to do it’s job and then the worst: waiting for the kiln to cool down..
and waiting isn’t my forté…

glazed cups waiting to dry to be fired…