With a limited budget I can’t afford state of the art equipment… But that shouldn’t be a problem… My wheel cost about 10% of what a shimpo would set me back, and kilns can be bought second hand (and still have a few good years on the coils).

However: I’ve messed up quite a few pieces by overfiring, heating up to fast, underfiring etc… and I’m getting tired of constantly having to measure the temp of the kiln when firing.

So.. it’s time to release the inner nerd and build a kilncontroller with a budget of about €60…

Long live the internet community: there are people that share their work, software and experience for us to benefit. And with a raspberry pi zero (€15), a temperature module and a relay it can be done!

I’m using this instruction:

The controller has a webinterface, you can define multiple schedules and monitor progress.. If I wanted to I could even access it from the internet.

And it all runs on this (half credit card sized) little wonder…

Raspberry Pi Zero WH (with pre-mounted Header) - Elektor